Almost Everything Is Made Up

Society Vs. Reality Honestly this will be short and simple. Virginity Doesn’t Rock Virginity is a social construct. You are not losing anything when you decide to engage in that type of intimacy for the first time. The word Virginity wasn’t always seeped in religious propaganda and backed by patriarchal ideals as it is today.Continue reading “Almost Everything Is Made Up”

Getting Up Watch The Sunrise Is Good For Your Health

*originally written January 25 2021 I was having a restless night and ended up staying awake by accident. My night started off with me not being able to go to sleep so I busied myself and got some work done. When I had finally noticed the time, it was basically morning. So I decided IContinue reading “Getting Up Watch The Sunrise Is Good For Your Health”

Still Here and Still Working: The Angela Davis

The revolutionary Angela Yvonne Davis was born on this day, January 26th, 1944. Born into a African American family in the south, Davis was exposed to incredible amounts of racism throughout her childhood in Alabama. Once detailing how “the sounds of dynamite” are some of the earliest memories she has, the sounds being homes ofContinue reading “Still Here and Still Working: The Angela Davis”

In the middle of a panaramic

Participating in university while the world goes crazy. Mental health, understanding professors and thank God for Philo Farnsworth. To think that my fourth semester of college ended on a random weekday in March is not a strange as what followed in the months after. Being in the house for months with my family was somethingContinue reading “In the middle of a panaramic”