Getting Up Watch The Sunrise Is Good For Your Health

*originally written January 25 2021

*This is my own picture

I was having a restless night and ended up staying awake by accident. My night started off with me not being able to go to sleep so I busied myself and got some work done. When I had finally noticed the time, it was basically morning. So I decided I would catch the sunrise.

There is something so beautiful and serene about the sun rising again and again like it does everyday.

Got dressed, coat and shoes on, snuggled up and ready to go outside.

I thought about a lot of things on the way down to the water front ~ the work I just finished, the work I still had left to do but mainly the sun. Some cultures worship the sun, I think that’s worth noting.

Superwoman and Superman get their energy from the sun, if you’re into that.

When finally got to where I wanted to be, I sat down on a bench and I waited.

Just waited in silence. Listened to the birds, the water, cars in the distance and took in my surroundings. I think I got there just in time because it didn’t take long for it to start lightening up outside. Took in my surroundings some more, walk along the pier and took some pictures *before my phone died on me

My picture

As much as I tell myself that it’s too much and I don’t like it ~ I’m a research woman.

You’re not a Premed Psychology major for two years without it. Though I’m not on that path anymore I will admit I do miss it sometimes. I’m a learner who likes to read and scientific journals used to scratched that itch good.

So when I got back inside, I did what I usually do and started looking some things up.

It didn’t take me long to find it. I didn’t even know what I was looking for exactly but there it was.

The perfect article waiting to be read and after I got some much needed sleep that’s what I did.

Timing of light exposure affects mood and brain circuits

See here to read fully.

It probably sounds like it has nothing to do with the title of this post but to me it fits perfectly.

In layman’s terms this beautiful review written by Tracy A Bedrosian and Randy J Nelson, explains that extra exposure to light greatly effects our Circadian rhythm.

Now your circadian rhythm is you, it’s your brain and your body over the course of 24 hours. When we are exposed to light when we’re not supposed to be something called circadian disruption happens.

“Circadian disruption is associated with a number of negative health effects, including effects on mood, metabolism, cancer risk and the immune system.”

Direct quote from Bedrosian and Nelson, 2017
My picture.

“Nighttime light can indirectly affect mood by disrupting sleep, hormone secretion, neuroplasticity, neurotransmission or gene expression.”

Direct quote from Bedrosian and Nelson, 2017

We all have a clock in us, it can be referred to as Biological clock or Circadian clock. When it gets interrupted, its not a good thing. Something as simple as the light from your phone or your kids night light can do it.

It is also mentioned that direct and indirect light exposure during the day can help with some of the symptoms of circadian disruption.

Sooo I guess what I got from today is just be present. Sit in front of a window, eat your lunch outside and try to do whatever is it during the day time.

Unplug. Turn the TV off, put the phone down and turn the lights off.

Go to bed so you can wake up with the sun.

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