Almost Everything Is Made Up

Society Vs. Reality

Honestly this will be short and simple.

Virginity Doesn’t Rock

Virginity is a social construct. You are not losing anything when you decide to engage in that type of intimacy for the first time. The word Virginity wasn’t always seeped in religious propaganda and backed by patriarchal ideals as it is today. You are not any less “holy” or “pure”, if you are sexually active and you are not any closer to God or more connected to any religion you follow if you’re not.

The concept is heteronormative and does more harm than good when concerning feminine presenting peoples. The concept also has absolutely no medical terms, The Hymen is just a regular part of the body ~ it’s a muscle layer and it is not supposed to break.

Girl or Boy ???

Gender is a social construct. But not in the way most people think, the part of gender that is a social construct is what our patriarchal society has deemed binary.

No That’s Actually Not What That Means

Homosexuality is not mentioned at all in the original Bible. The original translation actually refers to “male sexual perverts’

If you consider yourself a Christian, maybe do a little extra reading.

Good Day.

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