In the middle of a panaramic

Participating in university while the world goes crazy. Mental health, understanding professors and thank God for Philo Farnsworth.

To think that my fourth semester of college ended on a random weekday in March is not a strange as what followed in the months after. Being in the house for months with my family was something else. Not all bad, definitely didn’t lose my mind like I thought I would but stressful all the same. I finished the semester as strong as I could considering I had absolutely no motivation or scholarly energy left in me. And then I transferred schools! In the middle of pandemic.

So I figured this blog piece would be the perfect introduction. Coming into this semester I knew my workload would be heavy but I didn’t think it’d be creating maintaining a website heavy. Last semester at this new school was interesting to go through. I had new found passion for my education after losing it for a while, being unhappy with my college and in my mental health. I was excited for the change and welcomed it needing new things to look forward too while everything else was failing. It has only been a week but it’s been okay, still don’t know what to think about having to do this consistently for a few months. I mean what could I have to say or show that is going to… I don’t know impact somebody’s day.

Starting this I had to ask myself a lot of questions.

  • Do you even know how to run a blog?
  • Is your writing even good enough to do so?
  • Can you focus?

I don’t know why I’m so freaked by this long term assignment. I have experience in writing, I mean I was a research assistant in high school ~ I’ve even been published with my old boss. But the nagging thought is still there, growing like a virus. Writing is something I’ve can say I’ve been doing since I was a kid, I’d always make up stories and had a bunch of English classes in high school. But since this is a little different maybe that’s why I’m hesitant. Who knows.

I decided I’m going to act as if nobody other than my professor is going to see this. Hi! Dr. Franklin.

But if you are here. I hope you stay for while.

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